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La Isla Bonita: exploring La Palma’s natural wonders

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Un articolo di Tom Stainer, Lonely Planet, disponibile solo in inglese.


Credits: Tom Stainer
Credits: Tom Stainer


If the observatory has primed you for staring up at the night sky, you can book a stargazing tour through companies like Ad Astra La Palma (adastralapalma.com). Put your eye to the telescope and listen as lovely Elena explains various fascinating sights: highlights include a clear-as-you-like arm of the Milky Way stretching out across the sky, and the dimpled craters of the moon in astonishing detail. But the highlight is the sense of tininess that blanket of stars above gives you: stuck on a windswept mountainside on an island in the middle of the Atlantic, peering upwards, you’ll have never felt more insignificant and overawed.


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