Ad Astra is a latin locution that means to the stars.
Our purpose is to honour this motto, bringing Astronomy closer to the general public in a pleasant and entertaining way.

Our company has a team of Starlight Guides, Astronomers and amateur astronomers with a broad experience in the tourism sector and science outreach.
Small groups and VIP/personalised treatment is what distinguishes our Company.
Our clients’ first-rate opinions (5 stars) in TripAdvisor place us in the first position among the astrotourism companies on La Palma.

We have advanced and powerful astronomical telescopes for Moon, planet and deep-sky object observation, such as nebulae, star clusters and galaxies. Additionally, we have multimedia resources and an astronomical laser pointer to identify the main constellations. We own solar H-alpha telescopes and special optical filters to watch the phenomena on the surface of the Sun (sunspots, solar flares and prominences).

We will take you to the borders of the Universe on a fascinating journey where you will discover the mysteries of the Cosmos.
We will answer all your questions, doubts and curiosities about Astronomy.

Active guides


Founder, Astronomer and Starlight Guide.

Graduated in Astronomy at the University of Padua (Italy), in 2009 she came to the Canary Islands fascinated by the wonderful starry sky of La Palma, and took advantage of the resources of the Island to fulfil one of her dreams: dedicate herself to the astronomical outreach.
In 2011 she obtained the title of Starlight Guide, awarded by the Starlight Foundation, the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands (IAC) and Cabildo of La Palma.
In March 2015 she founded Ad Astra La Palma and since then she continues to promote Astrotourism with great enthusiasm and dedication among the local population and tourists from all over the world.
Elena does the following tours: Observatory tour, Stargazing, Walk under the stars, Starparty VIP, Wine & Moon, G-Astronomic Dinner and Sun observation.
Elena speaks Italian, Spanish and English.


Photographer and Starlight Guide.

Professional photographer specialized in night and landscape photography. Born and raised on La Palma, over the last few years he has spent most of his time traveling and exploring the Canary Islands to capture its beauty and diversity. Together with him you will be able to know the best locations of La Palma at each time of the year and first-hand see landscapes that you will remember forever. He has worked as a photographic guide with foreign travel agencies such as OneLapse (Brazil), giving classes and workshops and doing private tours. In addition, his photos are used as a tourist promotion of the island.
Abián speaks Spanish and English.


Astrophotographer and Starlight Guide.

An enthusiast of astronomy since forever, in 2016 he arrived on La Palma for reasons of destiny and it didn’t take him long to settle here, in love with its sky and its paradisiacal enclaves. Kike works as an astronomical and photographic guide for several local companies, showing the sky with telescopes and with the naked eye, or photographing it in every possible way. His work is frequently published in magazines (Astronomie, Iruene, etc) and by local institutions (i.e. the Council of La Palma, La Palma Travel. etc.). Kike carries out the stargazing tours in Spanish and English.

Former collaborators


Physicist and Astro-Guide.


Starlight Guide.