I do not have a car, how can I reach the place of the tour?

There is no public bus service neither to Roque de Los Muchachos Observatory nor the astronomical viewpoints Llano del Jable or Llano de Las Ventas. Own car or taxi is required. Normally, taxis wait for the customers until the end of the tour.

Public taxis and private buses/minibuses telephone numbers are provided below:

Taxi Santa Cruz de La Palma: +34 922 416 070, +34 636 892 495

Taxi Breña Baja: +34 922 440 825, +34 686 553 868

Taxi Villa de Mazo: +34 634 599 640

Taxi Fuencaliente: +34 639 357 989

Taxi Los Llanos de Aridane - Puerto Naos: +34 669 988 058

Taxi El Paso: +34 922 485 003

Private buses/minibuses "Grupo 1844 - Maxorata": +34 619 555 137

Private taxi "Aceshuttle" Puerto Naos: +34 689 873 182

How long does it take to reach the astronomical viewpoints close to Refugio el Pilar?

Llano del Jable and Llano de Las Ventas astronomical viewpoints are close to Refugio El Pilar, 7 minutes driving from each other.
Take into account that the road LP-301 is a mountain road: please, maximise precautions and drive carefully.
Travelling time from some of the areas of the island is provided below:

From El Paso: between 25 and 30 minutes

From Los Llanos de Aridane: between 35 and 40 minutes

From Tazacorte, Parador Nacional de Turismo: between 40 and 45 minutes

From Santa Cruz de La Palma, Los Cancajos, Puerto Naos: between 45 and 50 minutes

From Tijarafe: approximately 1 hour

From San Andrés y Sauces, Fuencaliente: approximately 1 hour 15 minutes

From Barlovento: approximately 1 hour 30 minutes

Is the road to the astronomical viewpoints close to Refugio El Pilar in good condition?

The road is accesible to passenger cars, no 4 X 4 needed.

Is there a parking lot beside the astronomical viewpoints?

Llano del Jable and Llano de Las Ventas astronomical viewpoints have a parking lot nearby. It is not necessary to walk along paths or trails.

Are the astronomical viewpoints adapted for disabled people?

Llano del Jable and Llano de Las Ventas astronomical viewpoints are accessible through three stone steps and there is not any ramp for wheelchair.

Are there restaurants close to the astronomical viewpoints?

The closest restaurants to Refugio del Pilar area are situated in El Paso or San Pedro. Perhaps when the tour ends (depending on the time of the year), it will be late in order to find an open restaurant. We recommend you bring a picnic.

Which is the temperature at the astronomical viewpoints on the mountain? What should I wear?

Llano del Jable and Las Ventas astronomical viewpoints are situated on the mountain, where nighttime temperature is much lower than at sea level (even if the day has been sunny and warm). Take into account that the thermal sensation is lower on a windy night. It is preferable that you bring more warm clothes rather than less.

Between September and April we recommend: long trousers and warm socks, winter coat, wool hat, scarf, gloves, closed and comfortable shoes (avoid sandals and high-heeled shoes).

Between May and August we recommend: long trousers, jacket or jersey, closed and comfortable shoes (avoid sandals and high-heeled shoes).

Here below are shown the average temperatures between half an hour and two hours after sunset, at the above-mentioned viewpoints:

December, January, February: between 6º and 8º Celsius

March and April: between 8º and 12º C

May and June: between 12º and 16º C

July and August: between 12º and 18º C

September, October and November: between 8º and 10º C

Can I attend the stargazing with a baby or a child younger than 6?

Yes, you can. However, the tour is not recommended  to children younger than 6, since it is an nighttime outdoor activity on a mountain place.