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Asteroid Day 2015

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What is Asteroid Day?

Asteroid Day is a global awareness movement where people from around the world come together to learn about asteroids and what we can do to protect our planet, our families, communities, and future generations.

Asteroid Day will be held on the anniversary of the 1908 Siberian Tunguska event, the largest asteroid impact on Earth in recent history.

Ad Astra La Palma, in collaboration with Santa Cruz de La Palma Government, organises a free public event on Tuesday 30th of June at 19:00 at Palacio Salazar in Santa Cruz de La Palma.


19:00 – Welcome & keynote lecture

19:10 – Talks given by astronomers


  • Elena Nordio (Ad Astra La Palma)
  • Vania Lorenzi (Telescopio Nazionale Galileo)
  • Massimo Cecconi (Telescopio Nazionale Galileo)

20:00 – Documentary projection

20:15 – Round table

20:30 – Close

This event is part of the global movement “Asteroid Day”, composed of scientists, astronauts, nobel laureates, technologists and artists from every part of the world. Discover the worldwide events here.

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Click here and see the video of the event (in Spanish).

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