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Transit of Mercury 2016

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On May 9, 2016, will be able to see a transit of planet Mercury, i.e. a small black spot across the face of the Sun.

Credits: Juan Carlos Casado - StarryEarth
Credits: Juan Carlos Casado – StarryEarth

The transits of inner planets, such as Venus and Mercury, are unusual phenomena: this happens less than twice a century with Venus, and 13 times a century with Mercury, in May or November.

The transit of Mercury next May 9 will be completely visible from Western Europe, the US east coast and nearly everywhere from Latin America.

On Canary Islands the event begins at 12:12 a.m. and ends at 7:40 p.m.

Transit circumstances and timing for Canary Islands:



1 – External ingress: Time 12:12 a.m., Position Angle (PA) 83,4º, Altitude of the Sun (Alt) 61,4º
2 – Internal ingress: Time 12:16 a.m., PA 83,6º, Alt 62,1º
Maximum transit: Time 3:56 p.m., PA 153,9º, Alt 62,7º
3 – Internal egress: Time 7:37 p.m., PA 224,1º, Alt 14,8º
4 – External egress: Time 7:40 p.m., PA 224,4º, Alt 14,2º


Warning: NEVER look directly at the sun without proper protection!!!


Videos (in spanish and english) and pictures of transit will be broadcasted live on internet. Click here.




Picture of the event taken from La Palma at 4:30pm local time, using a Celestron 925 telescope with a solar filter and a Canon EOS 7D camera.