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The planets show 2016

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From the end of July to the end of August 2016 we will enjoy an unusual astronomical event at sunset: the show of the five brightest planets in the sky, a very uncommon event that worths to be seen!

Enjoy this unique experience with us, you will have the opportunity to gaze at the Jupiter’s galilean moons, Saturn’s rings, Venus’ phases, Mars’ reddish gleam and the little Mercury.

A qualified Starlight Guide and Astronomer will lead you in a fascinating journey through the Universe, revealing the secrets of our Solar System and our Galaxy.

Moreover, during stargazing you will observe more deep sky objects and recognise the most popular constellations in the night sky.

At the end, we have a gift for you: you can take a piece of La Palma sky with you! After the stargazing, we will immortalize the moment with our camera, giving you a nice memory of your experience with us.

Don’t miss this extraordinary event, consult our calendar and book one of the stargazing activities planned from the 22nd of July to the 30th of August 2016.

Please, click here to see prices, place, duration and conditions of the activity.

For more information, please contact us.