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Planetary Alignment 2016

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cartel stargazing solar system

On these days, before dawn, we can enjoy an unusual astronomical show: a planetary alignment, i.e. five bright aligned planets in the same sky together for the first time since January, 2005.
Seen from Earth, the orbits of Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury will form an elliptical path.
Enjoy this unique experience, join us for stargazing planned for Wednesday 3rd of February, from 7:00 am to 8:30 am, at the amphitheatre on Los Cancajos Promenade.
A qualified Starlight Guide and Astronomer will lead you in this fascinating journey through the Solar System, telling you secrets and curiosities about all the planets, the Moon and the Sun.
We will observe the five visible planets through a powerful amateur telescope, you will be able to gaze at the Jupiter’s galilean moons, Saturn’s rings, Venus’ phases, Moon’s craters and maria and, at the end, in the magic light of dawn, we will watch the sunspots completely safety through a telescope equipped with a special astronomical filter, that protects our eyes and at the same time provides an uniform lighting of the solar disk.
Moreover, we have a gift for you: you can take a piece of La Palma sky with you! During the stargazing, we will immortalize the moment with our camera, giving you a nice memory of your experience with us.

Don’t miss this extraordinary event, book now!

Special price of the event: 15€
Children under 6: free

For more information, please contact us.